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Here’s what I know – business owners often have a list of ‘when I get time’ tasks that they never have time to do.   And the weekends are usually spent catching up on a mountain of emails – sound familiar?

Let’s face it – when was the last time you actually got to the bottom of that list?

Not only that, coming up with business ideas to grow your business can often get put onto the back burner especially when it comes to writing marketing materials.

And even if you’re pretty good with words – do you really have the time to write all your own website blurb, articles or posts for your social media?

So let me help you.  As a copywriter I provide small business help by lifting that burden from your shoulders.

But before I do that, I need to pick your brains via a Project Brief.  The brief is like forensics for copywriters – a deep dive into your business.

That’s where I find out all about your business – what you do, what your values are, who your competition is – what makes you better, what you’re offering and so on.

So when I write your content, it’s worded to ensure it nails the brief and meets your objectives.

And whether your objectives are to grow your business, communicate your business idea, or better connect with your customers then I can help you find the words.

And what that means is there will be one less thing to keep you awake at night.

So take the pressure off yourself and get the ball rolling right now by getting in touch.


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