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why should I hire a copywriter?

As a copywriter, it’s my job to create content which grabs your attention and gets you to do something as a result – it could be to click, call, place an order or ask for a quote.

Sure, everyone can write, but not everyone can write persuasively.

And writing persuasively is what I do.  As a copywriter I know that whatever the product or service – there’s always a story to tell.

So let me help you tell it.

Now it’s probably true that nobody knows your business as well as you do but it’s also true that a fresh pair of eyes can bring a new perspective.

But here’s the thing – writing high quality content is never just about the words.  It’s about listening to you and getting to know your business.  Only then can I write up your blurb using all the copywriting tips and tricks  I know.

Here are a few ways we can reach your customers:

  • website content
  • fact sheets
  • media releases
  • blog posts
  • flyers and brochures
  • email campaigns
  • newsletters
  • customer surveys
  • social media
  • updating/editing existing corporate materials


So if you’re stuck for words then get in touch – I can help you find them.

p.s. Did I mention I’m a member of the Clever Copywriting School


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