About me

In my previous life I’ve worked as an office manager, administrator and bookkeeper so I understand the pressures faced by small businesses.

And in fact, listening to the stories of small business operators and watching their business pathways unfold was partly the reason I became a copywriter.  I felt like I wanted to tell some of those stories – of the people behind them and their businesses.

But rewind to  2006 – I won a competition to write for mX Sydney, covering the Australian Idol contest.  The final was between Damien Leith and Jessica Mauboy.  I went to the shows and left with my ears ringing to write up the stories for the paper…. and I knew Jessica was destined for big things.

Even even back then I remember thinking ‘heck – this is what I should be doing’ for a living – maybe one day I will.

A few years passed and I moved interstate to Canberra.  I started studying part-time to gain qualifications in communications, copywriting, web content writing, articles, digital media and blogs.  In 2015 I wrote a number of articles for This is Canberra published by Alex Tricolas.   I felt inspired by Alex and other authors at TIC and I knew by then, I had to seriously pursue this path.

So here I am.  In 2016 I created Cut-through Copywriting because I love to write.  I write the stories behind your brand, business, product or service.  And whether it’s via a flyer, fact sheet, website content,  blogs or posts for your social media, I weave the story of your brand or service into the copy in a way which persuades readers to click, comment, share or to call.

People often think ‘I don’t have a story’ – but you do and my job is to get it out of you and help you to tell it.

So if that sounds like something you could use, then I’d love to hear from you – call or send me an email.