Five important reasons why you need a business blog

business blog

Let’s cut to the chase.  If you have a business website but havn’t included a blog then you’re seriously missing out.  Here are five reasons why you should definitely have a blog on your website.

1. A business blog provides an additional opportunity to showcase what you do

People coming to your site will check out what you do, but you can guarantee they’ll also check out your competitors.  Having a blog which tells the story of your product or service is another way of connecting with your customers and gaining their business.  Research shows that blogging for business is very effective in increasing enquiries and generating leads so why wouldn’t you?

2. A business blog enables you to better understand what your customers are looking for

The back end of your website enables you to see what customers are clicking on when they come to your site.  If you have articles on your small business blog (related to your products or services) then you can see which articles are most popular with your customers and that means you can better target them.

3.  Having a business blog increases traffic to your website

More traffic to your website will help increase your Google ranking making it easier for search engines to find you.  Posting regular content which is relevant and interesting for your customers is a win win because you’re meeting their needs and increasing your profile at the same time.

4. Your business blog enables you to directly engage with your customers

When you post a blog article, you can invite comments from your readers.  Allowing readers to comment and then responding is an easy way to humanise your brand and to foster a deeper connection with your target audience.  Not only that, every post should include a call to action.  A call to action is designed to persuade readers to do something – for example to buy, sign up, start shopping, continue reading or to register.  You could even include something like a discount voucher or limited offer.

5. Your business blog has the potential to reach a wider audience

If you have a blog on your website and readers like or value what you’ve written, then chances are they’ll share it with others which means that your audience and your reach, increases.  There’s no question that spending time developing a business blog can increase the success of your business at a relatively low cost.

So – that’s my top five tips.

Writing for small businesses is what I do, so if you don’t have a blog for your small business but this article has got you thinking – then get in touch.  I can help with setting up your blog and content creation.

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