Steve Jobs was right about so many things but especially this


Steve Jobs once said “customers don’t know what they want until we show them”. That was his reply to a team member who asked if Apple should undertake market research when they were building the first Mac.


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I’ve never owned an iPhone but after reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson a few years back – I felt like rushing out and buying one. By the time I reached the end of the book, I was totally convinced by his vision, what he wanted for end-users and his foresight about how mobile technology would change the way we connect with each other and across the globe.


It goes without saying Steve Jobs was one a kind – a creative genius, a flawed and complex personality – almost devoid of people skills some might say and a die-hard hippie to boot. But his charisma and capacity to galvanise others is what enabled him to create a future, which up until that point, only existed in his imagination.


Steve Jobs was a leader but he couldn’t have done it without the support of those around him and he acknowledged that.  Who can forget his powerful words about it being the square pegs in the round holes, the misfits and the crazy ones who change the world.


So what he said about customers is true.  And although it seems back-to-front, sometimes customers really don’t know what they want until they are presented with it.  But once they’ve got it, they then wonder how they ever lived without it. Like the iPhone.


As a copywriter, my job is to help you reach your customers and clients through the power of words. Maybe you have a product or service which customers don’t realise they want.  Yet.  But when they do they’ll be tearing your arm off.


I never did buy an iPhone but regardless, I found Steve Jobs’ story utterly compelling.

So what about you?  Who or what has inspired you on your own business journey?

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