Why storytelling is a business skill you need to learn

A while back, when I was out walking and exploring our new neighbourhood, I spotted a sign for a pop-up café. The sign said the café would be in the park every Sunday and to come on down.  So the next Sunday I did.


I grabbed a coffee and sat in the weak sunshine of a Canberra winter day.  The pop up café owner wandered over and introduced himself. His name is San. We got chatting and I asked him how he got into the coffee business. He said it happened by accident.


Five years earlier he’d been working as a waiter in a top Sydney hotel.  On a late mid-week afternoon when all was quiet, the regular barista left for his break leaving San in charge.  A guy walks in, sits down and orders a coffee so San makes one and takes it over.  The guy takes a sip, screws up his face – practically spits the coffee back into the cup and then says “that’s the worst coffee I’ve ever had in my life”.   A tiny bit awkward to then discover ‘the guy’ turned out to be the Asia-Pacific Regional Manager.  Oops.


Pouring that terrible coffee turned out to be life-changing for San. Because it meant that he, along with all the other waiters, were quickly sent for training in how to make the perfect cup of coffee.


And the rest as they say is history.

Canberra popu-up cafe

Fast-forward to the present and San is now the proud owner of OurDreamCafe where his love for coffee has become his business and the pop-up café has Canberrans queuing around the block to get their caffeine hit.


Storytelling is an important business skill because it enables employers and workers to share the message of their product, service or brand in a way which makes people sit up and take notice.


Good stories persuade. Good stories draw people in, they make us think and they stick in our minds. And they don’t have to have a long narrative and a killer punchline – but they do need to resonate with readers and grab their attention.


And that’s where a copywriter can help. Telling the stories of your business is what I do. So if you find yourself struggling with words or sweating over descriptions for products in your online store then call me and I’ll help you get them down on paper.

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