Here’s why having a dog can accelerate your business growth

While you’re waiting for the dog to finish sniffing his umpteenth tree, something weird is going on in your brain. And it’s something you know, but you don’t know, if you know what I mean.

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Running your own business isn’t easy. However much you enjoy it and wherever you’re at in the business cycle, one thing’s for sure, it usually involves juggling many balls. Whether it’s trying to find new clients, chasing suppliers, managing your cashflow or dealing with the paperwork mountain – it’s often go-go-go.

Someone once told me “my job is to think”and so it was important to him not to have to deal with hundreds of emails.  Outsourcing his email management to me gave him time to think.  But finding the time to mentally switch down a gear to ruminate over an issue is a luxury you may rarely have. Especially in this digital age when we have to make the effort to overcome our addiction to our phones. But here’s where the dog comes in.

Simply taking the dog for a run around the block, gives your brain the opportunity to mentally unwind. And while you’re waiting for your pooch to finish sniffing around the umpteenth tree, in the background your brain is breathing a sigh of relief. And it’s at that point, when you’re tuned out, that a new business idea or solution to a problem often pops into your head.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a dog. The same thing applies whether you’re out on a run, weeding the gardening, spending time with the cat, working on your car – whatever activity you enjoy in your downtime. And it’s no coincidence that we get our best ideas in the shower.  Have you ever noticed that it’s when you’re standing there with shampoo in your eyes that you suddenly have a brainwave?   When you’re thinking of nothing at all your brain is troubleshooting in the background.

small business copywriter

In other words, taking time out, away from the phone, the office and the demands of your business and to enjoy some ‘do nothing’ time can actually reap huge benefits to your business. Ten or fifteen minutes might be all you need to find the solution to whatever problem you didn’t know you needed to solve, or even one you did but the answer has eluded you.

But the critical thing is to write it down and then put it to work in your business.

The idea for this article came on my early morning walk.  And remember as your business copywriting friend  if you’re feeling short on inspiration for your next blog, newsletter or article then call me.

So that’s my business tip for this week. But what about you? What have you noticed about when you get your best ideas?


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