how to win at office politics


Hands up if you’ve ever found yourself waiting for someone to make a decision and three days later you’re still waiting for the nod?

Whether it’s getting the ok or trying to get consensus – it’s not always easy.  We’ve all been stuck in those three hour meetings right?  But what if you knew what you needed to do in order to get key individuals on-side more quickly.

Here’s a fun little tool which might help.  It’s called the The DOPE Model (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle) developed by Richard Step.   The model suggests we all fit into one of four distinct personality types which determine how we view the world and how we make decisions.  Once you understand which type your co-workers are – then it’s easier to navigate through the office politics and get the decision you want – or the ok, or the pay rise – whatever it is.

A former colleague introduced me to this model and we had fun identifying which ‘box’ we belonged in.  In short, the The DOPE Model might help you identify the ‘animals’ you’re dealing with.

The four types are:

Dove: the peacemaker, the diplomat, tactful and friendly individuals who avoid conflict

Owl: analytical, logical, methodical – needs to know the details and are risk averse

Peacock: optimistic, outgoing, confident and social – they focus on the big picture

Eagle: bold, dominant, decisive – natural leaders but not necessarily sensitive to others

Needless to say, all the Type A personalities will gleefully claim themselves as Eagles because status is important right?  And on that note you might want to check out these short sweet tips on how to deal with them.

Now, I get that no one likes to think their uniqueness can be shrunk down into a list full of adjectives but believe me, the DOPE model can give you genuine insights into what makes particular people tick.  And hopefully that means you’ll spend less of your time in three hour meetings or tip-toeing round the office politics.

So which one are you?  If you’d like to know you can complete an  online quiz with Richard Step right here.

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